1. -2017 has been all about getting the Harris F1 sorted. One round to go and we are there!

  2. -In January Team UK beat the Aussies in the Phillip Island International Challenge for the 3rd year running...but only just....and thanks to a puncture and an engine failure at the last moment in the aussie team! Yes we are going back again in 2018!

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  12. -The UK team for 2017 included Jezza McWilliams, John Mcguinness, Peter Hickman, Conor Cummins, James Hillier, Glan Richards, Craig Ditchburn, Derek Brown, Clive Warner and Higgsy. Richard Peers Jones.

  13. -Higgsy acquires a Harris F1 Kawasaki as a project for 2016

  14. -The HH Racing Harris Magnum 2 has had offset head bearings and adjustable yokes fitted to steepend the head angle and get the thing steering - PI 2018 will be the test!

  15. -Higgsy is voted on the CRMC committee at the AGM in December 2015