1. -In 2018 the Harris F1 had a piston break in practice for Cadwell so a complete new engine was built and run for the first time in anger at Brands 2019!

  2. -I had to run the Mag 1 in 2018 as a result. A niggling ignition cut out intermittent problem has been getting slowly worse. Still not fixed it! Tried rewire, new battery, new ignition box, new kill switch. Next and last option is the pick up will be replaced.

  3. -No more PI trips sadly. PI decided to change the arrangements which meant no funding. So after many years, it is over. Farewell, it was good while it lasted.

  4. -The FP1 series with Formula Prostock who run with North Glos Racing Club, is building slowly. People are begining to realise how import tyres are and tyre temperature. NG is an awesome club, really good meetings, best organised, efficient and so friendly

  5. - Mag 1 has had a paint job at last! Similar to the F1 in Green and Purple

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